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FICS Games

All human v human, computer v computer, and computer v human games available at FICS, filtered to 2000+ and 10+ moves.

FICS HvH — 7,513,735 games | 6.12 GB PGN | 1.05 GB 7z

FICS CvC — 914,770 games | 0.99 GB PGN | 193 MB 7z

FICS CvH — 568,628 games | 487 MB PGN | 80 MB 7z


Games considered by ChessBase 17 to be both “strong” and “most beautiful”.

Strong games seem to filter on at least 2400 and at least 10 moves. Beauty score is determined according to interesting play, such as sacrifices, and is given between zero and three “medals”. Most beautiful games are those with three medals.

Sources are Playchess, Playchess Infinity, CCRL, CEGT, FGRL, FICS, JCER, the Gladiators DB, and the Lc0 games posted here.

Elegance DB — 270,693 games | 266 MB PGN | 46 MB 7z

PGN Mentor Archive

Everything from the PGN Mentor archive. Doubles removed.

PGN Mentor Archive — 3,235,579 games | 1.97 GB PGN | 399 MB 7z