This is a freely-available resource, but not listed on the right because the page at has an external link to a website that will try to install malware. So this is a mirror of the database provided there — virus-free, obviously — except the player and tournament information has been improved, and about two-thousand doubles removed.

Compiled via the Lichess Elite Database. These are the games played at Lichess that ChessBase 16 considers “strong games”. My best guess is that means avg. 2400+ and at least ten moves.

Includes blitz, rapid and daily time controls, with bullet games filtered out. Each ZIP archive contains one CBV, which is roughly the same size when uncompressed. (Everything here goes in a zip file.) That CBV, in turn, is a ChessBase database archive, and when opened will uncompress into a CBH and associated files, which also comprise roughly the same size. (This is the way.)

  • 2013-2016 — 216,882 games (30 MB)
  • 2017 — 209,833 games (29 MB)
  • 2018 — 323,525 games (45 MB)
  • 2019 — 912,232 games (126 MB)
  • 2020 — 3,835,978 games (549 MB)
  • 2021 — 8,147,052 games (1.14 GB)
  • 2022 (so far) — 3,585,985 games (510 MB)

Compiled via the Published Data API and an anonymous third party. Out of all the games compiled (and I don’t know that it’s a complete database) these are the games played at Chesscom in their respective months that ChessBase considers “strong games”.