Chesscom Elite Filtered

I don’t really have room to mirror the Chesscom Elite files, though I do have a complete set, which runs from January 2021 through to May 2024. The whole thing is about 130 GB. I did filter each file, however, and was able to put up a folder called Chesscom Elite Filtered over at MediaFire:

The set comprises the same 2021-01 to 2024-05, but has been filtered with pgn-extract to take out anything below a 2300 rating, or below 10 moves. To remove doubles and non-standard and bullet games, as well as strip comments and variations. Finally incorrect tags have been fixed and openings and plycount have been added. Uncompressed the whole thing is about 11 GB, though here it is compressed, and comprises more like 3 GB.

Games downloaded by chess forum user Splassky, using the Chesscom API.

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